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What is clipintrust...?

Introducing clipintrust

Clipintrust is a simple clip board style dashboard , for geeks who want all things in one place , where a person can clip any thing like text, images, videos, source codes , embed great things for future use , from any site or by your own and than opt what you want to share with persons .
How clipintrust Works...?


Finding is all about exploring contents like texts, images, videos urls from any site or by your own.


Clipping is all about accumulating contents like texts, images, videos embeded urls in your dashboard.


Sharing is all about what you want to share with your audience,which can be done through custom option also.
When available for you...?

Project Status

Clipintrust is a project which i wrote in my college running on my local server , only for saving texts and source codes for personal uses , later on i started learning new things and implemented on this and added more features to help others.

Project is presently in development and launching soon.

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